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Do you know how easy Caitlyn and Paul made this maternity session for me?  Let me tell you!  This is actually my first every maternity session.  I was excited and nervous, and even more excited!  I had never met this lovely couple before they arrived for the session.  Lucky for me, they were naturals at posing!  The sun was setting and we didn't really have time for a change of outfits, but decided, you know what?  We can do this again in a couple of months!  We had fun together and I think I made some new friends!  I love this job!

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Is It Spring Yet? It was Spring-like in February.  March, not so much!  I have been wanting to get out and do more portrait photography the past couple of weeks, but the weather is not cooperating.  The impending snowstorm meant a trip to the grocery store.  I had to stock up on the basic necessities, in case we were snowed in for weeks or lost power (PTSD from the 2008 December ice storm).  The first thing that caught my eye at Hannaford's entrance was the hydrangeas.  I contemplated how I could utilize them in a photo shoot today with snow steadily coming down. I had a mental image of Miss M standing in the snow holding the blue hydrangeas.  I pictured her wearing a summer dress that I had bought her recently.  Would I be able to convince her to stand out in 32 degree weather, in the snow, in a dress and heels?  Probably not. This was the compromise, and I will say, while it wasn't my initial vision, I love it!

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Come Prepared! Today my goal was to get some great shots despite the dreary weather.  Dreary and raw is what would best describe March 26, 2017.  The girls were not really dressed for the cold, so we brought extra wraps and warm sweaters for in between the shots.   Just as we arrived, it started to sleet.  They were troopers!  I think we succeeded in getting the outcome we wanted, despite the gray and cold day.

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